5 Things to do on the Morning of your Wedding

Wedding mornings are usually busy, tense, exciting, and sometimes overwhelming. There is typically a lot going on, which is expected when you are about to say “I do” to the love of your life. So what do you do before that hour comes? We recommend these activities to put you in the right state of mind for the day ahead.

1. REFLECT: This is a day you have looked forward to for months, even years. Now it’s here, and you are finally marrying the man or woman of your dreams. Your love for your partner will feel raw and real on the morning of your wedding, so pick your pen and write how you feel. Gather your thoughts, and reflect on how far you’ve come and how far you’ll go. Think of all the good and write about them. These words would come in handy in later years. This will also be an excellent time to practice your vows so you’ll feel confident while delivering them.

2. EAT WHILE YOU HAVE A CHANCE: We get it, there are butterflies in your belly, and you don’t feel like eating much, but the day is long, and activities are overflowing; you will need the energy to carry you through, so please eat. Before you walk down the aisle, make sure to get something into your stomach.

A bride eating in her Abebi Bridal robe

3. RELAX: You deserve all the love and care you can get on your wedding morning, so ensure you’ve booked a spa session in advance. Get yourself a massage, facial, manicure, or pedicure. Too much? Then go through the DIY route. Apply a face mask or under-eye patches while lounging around in your Abebibridal robe. These activities will cool you down, boost your mood and make you look and feel your best.

4. ORGANIZE: Ensure all accessories are laid out before getting ready to avoid mix-ups and the chance of forgetting something important. Your bridesmaids can help with this; your wedding dress, shoes, veil, and jewellery should all be accounted for. Be prepared for rips and wrinkles by keeping a needle and thread, handheld steamer, and fabric glue in case of a tear or if a seam pops. Delegate any last-minute tasks and communicate when and where everyone needs to be.

Abebi Bridal robe

5. WEAR YOUR ABEBIBRIDAL ROBE: No better way to get ready than in one of our robes. Bond and make jokes with your bridal party and toast to love, friendship, and this next chapter in your life. Play some music, laugh, dance and take lots of pictures. This is a sure way to alleviate pre-wedding jitters and get set for the big day.

Rise and shine! Get the slay going. It’s your wedding morning, and you are about to marry the love of your life🥰! Take advantage of our ongoing Black Friday Sales to get your bridal robe at half its price.

Photos by Moat Hill Photography