International Men’s Day: ABÈBÍBYTAN’s Top Gift Ideas for Him

International Men’s Day is a day that celebrates the positive values men bring to the world, their families, and communities. This day also highlights positive male role models and raises awareness for men’s well-being and mental health.

This is the day you express love and gratitude towards the men in your life by making them feel special. Aside from good wishes, kind words, and encouragement, we advise you to give them something of value. We have curated a list of unique and thoughtful gift ideas for you to pick from.

1. An Abebibytan Kimono: Yes! We have no shame; our product is the first thing on this list. The Yeni Unisex Kimono wraps around the body, just like a hug. We know how beneficial hugs are; we also know that most men do not get enough hugs. So what better item to gift the men in your life than our fashionable kimono robes? The Abebibytan kimono will make that man feel loved. It is luxurious, comfortable to wear, and a gift that keeps giving. 

2. Grooming Hampers: Nothing says I love you and care about you more than a grooming hamper. Most grooming hampers contain essential grooming items like soap, face wash, deodorant, shaving cream, moisturizing cream, after-shave lotion, etc. These items will help the man look and feel his best all day. You could curate yours to have items from his grooming wishlist to make it extra special.

Grooming hamper

3. His favourite cologne: Men that do good deserve to smell good. No matter how well-dressed a man is, he is not fully dressed without perfume. So add this to your list of gifts for him. What is his scent preference? Dark and heavy or light and fruity? Either way, when shopping, don’t pick a perfume that you’d wear, rather pick a scent you are attracted to; a scent you would love on him.

Men's cologne

4. An Exquisite Wristwatch: Does he keep you waiting on dates? Gift him a wristwatch! Wristwatches are classic men’s gifts that never go out of fashion. A watch takes a man’s look from 10 to 100 and helps to display their sense of style. We promise that every man will appreciate this. Make sure to consider his personal style before picking a watch. Also, get something in solid or neutral colours so it will match the colour of the leather strap of his belts and formal shoes.

Men's wristwatch

5. Hoodies and Big Tees: As much as you love taking (stealing) hoodies and oversized t-shirts from the men in your life, consider gifting them too. We promise you this is the perfect gift as they would be stunned and appreciative. Pro tip: You are indirectly buying yourself a gift😉.

Life is about celebrating and good men deserve to be impressed this Men’s Day. Take advantage of our ongoing Black Friday Sales to get the Yeni Kimono at half its price (there is a reason it’s number one on our list🤗). Go ahead, and put smiles on those men’s faces.