Reintroducing ABÈBÍBYTAN and the Biggest Black Friday Sales


When I founded Abebibytan in 2017, we created a brand that promotes and provides comfort and luxury for everyday-stylish women. We pride ourselves in knowing that our kimonos allow their wearers to be free and expressive with their style. Our kimonos have them covered, whether out with friends, vacationing on a beach, guests at an event, or just lounging at home.

This vision birthed Abebibridal in 2019, highlighting the consistent expression of comfort from the brand: airy, elegant, and intimate, the true embodiment of what every bride would love on her big day. As we continually strive to provide value, we recognize the need to expand our operation. The ABEBIBYTAN BRAND will now include ABEBI EASY WEAR, ABEBI ESSENTIALS, and ABEBI FOR MEN.

More information on this soon.

We are kicking off a Black Friday everything-must-go sale for our current inventory to whet your appetite for what’s to come. Now is the time to snag all the Abebibytan kimonos you’ve been eyeing for months. This deal runs only till the 25th of November.

Get into it. Scroll to see everything on sale!

The Luxurious KEMI Kimono

₦55,000 ₦30,000

BRIDAL Kimono – Gold 

₦25,000 ₦20,000

The Luxurious ADE Kimono  

₦54,450 ₦30,000

BRIDAL Kimono – Green

₦44,000 ₦35,000

The Luxurious AYINKÉ Kimono in Yellow

₦27,000 ₦20,000

The Luxurious AYINKÉ Kimono in Blue

₦27,000 ₦20,000

Thank you so much for supporting the ABÈBÍBYTAN brand through the years. When you buy any of these kimonos before or on the 25th of November, you will be saving up to 50%. I am excited for you to have that, so see you at the checkout section!😉