4 Outfit ideas for dates

At Abebibytan, we do our best to give you carefully sourced, high-quality kimonos you can style in any way you like. Still, variety is the spice of life, and we’re about to vary your options. Your Abebi robes are as versatile and unique as a sunset, always beautiful, never the same, and so are the new pieces from our latest SSW23 collection.

Our pieces prioritize your comfort while keeping you looking as beautiful and fierce as ever. You should always look and feel good in your clothes. The carefully sourced and designed outfits from our Abebibytan repertoire ticks all these boxes. 

Here are four stylish looks from our latest SSW23 collection. 

1. The Abebibytan Maxi-dress

The new collection brings a gorgeous maxi dress that will flatter your silhouette. It can be paired with heels for a formal look or sandals for a more casual look.

2. The Abebibytan Palazzos and Silk Blouse

For a date night, pair our flowy silk blouse with these white lace palazzos for a classy, chic look. This look is perfect for a movie night or a romantic restaurant date.

3. The Abebibytan Mini dress

This is for an effortless yet stylish slay. This cute mini dress is perfect for a casual outing, like brunch. Did we mention it’s also very comfortable?

4. The Abebibytan Co-ord Set

Wear our new co-ord set for a feminine and flirty look. Made from carefully sourced light, flowy material, the Abebibytan co-ord set is also designed for a relaxed look. 

Our Abebibytan pieces can be worn in various ways, making them perfect for romantic date nights, intimate moments, and casual or formal outings. Whether you prefer a classic, elegant, simple, comfortable, or feminine and flirty look, our Abebibytan pieces can be styled to suit your tastes and occasion. So, why not step outside your comfort zone and try something new from our latest SSW23 collection dropping very soon!

Always remember to embrace the breezy, barely there brilliance of an ABÈBÍ KIMONO and rack up those style points.” Shop for one now.