International Women’s Month: Why Women Need More Comfortable Clothes

Women need more comfortable clothes! Period!

For the sake of the aesthetic, a lot of “impractical” clothes are made available on the market which restrict movement or behavior for a lot of women. We at Abebibytan are rebelling against those restrictive clothing by advocating for and producing comfortable clothes that are undeniably elegant and classy. 

Women need comfortable clothes for a variety of reasons, including physical comfort, practicality, and personal preference.

First of all, women’s bodies are not one-size-fits-all. We come in all shapes and sizes, and our clothing should reflect that. Unfortunately, many clothing brands still adhere to rigid sizing standards that can be uncomfortable and even harmful to our bodies. Women deserve clothing that fits well and feels comfortable to wear, whether we’re sitting at a desk all day, running around chasing after kids or just casually running errands.

Secondly, women often have to navigate different dress codes depending on the situation. For example, we might have to dress up for a job interview or formal event, while at the same time needing to wear something comfortable and functional for everyday wear. It can be a challenge to find clothing that meets both of these needs, which is why we need more options that are both stylish and comfortable.
Another reason why comfortable clothing is important for women is that we often have to deal with uncomfortable undergarments. Bras, in particular, can be a nightmare for many women, with straps that dig into our shoulders, underwires that poke us in the ribs, and cups that never seem to fit quite right. While there are certainly some comfortable bra options out there, we need more brands to prioritize comfort and fit when designing women’s undergarments.

Lastly, comfortable clothing is just plain good for our mental health. When we’re wearing something that feels comfortable and makes us feel good about ourselves, it can give us a confidence boost that carries over into other areas of our lives. On the other hand, wearing something that’s uncomfortable or ill-fitting can make us feel self-conscious and distracted.

In conclusion, women need more comfortable clothing options because our bodies are diverse and unique, we have to navigate different dress codes, we often deal with uncomfortable undergarments, and it’s not good for our mental health. 

So let’s celebrate International Women’s Month by advocating for (and wearing)  clothing that fits our bodies and our lives!

At Abebibytan, we’ve been cooking up a whole new collection that prioritizes high quality, classy, comfortable fashion for everyone who wears our clothes. We have carefully selected and curated specific designs, motifs, colors and prints that are soothing, beautiful and comfortable. We can’t wait to show it to you!


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