Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bridal Robe

A bridal robe is a vital part of the bridal fashion for your wedding day.

The bride wears it while getting ready for her wedding ceremony, from hairstyling to makeup to everything in between. Beyond the beauty routines and gele tying, that is also the time to bond and have fun with your bridesmaids while creating new memories and taking great pictures.

Now imagine that for all these activities, you are in an oversized t-shirt or, God forbid, that wrapper you tie when you are alone. Bride-to-be, the popular stance, you should be in a proper picture-perfect getting-ready-to-wed robe! So how do you get one? These are some tips for choosing the perfect bridal robe. Consider;

1. Your style: This is your wedding, which means you should be in slay mode at every point. Your bridal robe must stand out because it is just as important as your wedding dress. Choose something that has your personality. Let your fun, colorful, glamorous, or sophisticated style shine through. When you look at pictures in later years, you will be glad you chose a robe that suits you.

2. Your comfort: You should not wear a robe that is too tight and limits your movements or too loose and long that you keep tripping over it.

Pick a robe that sits nicely and allows you to move and pose easily with confidence. Your bridal robe should make you feel gorgeous, not uncomfortable.

Note: Check for the robe’s fabric to see if you need an inner slip, as some can be more see-through than others.

3. Wedding Color or Theme: Pick a color that perfectly matches your color palette and wedding theme. Colour matching does not necessarily mean one uses the same color throughout but make sure they all complement beautifully with other wedding aesthetics.

4. The durability of the robe: Pick a robe that would serve you beyond your wedding day. Imagine a robe that can be worn on the wedding morning as a final touch to your honeymoon lingerie and can still sleep in long after your big day.

5. Your budget: Know what you want and how much you are willing to pay. You should go all-out or splurge, but avoid ending up in debt. It would not be nice to have creditors chasing you after the wedding when you should be in Santorini chilling with your newly wedded husband. However, in trying to save those coins, they run away from cheap, low-quality robes; they would only last for a while after the wedding. Do your research and set a realistic budget.

EXTRA POINT:  Don’t Forget About the Mothers!

Remember your mom and mom-in-law if you order a robe for you and your bridal train! It is common for moms to have their hair and makeup done with their daughters, and you would want to include her. Also, getting your mom and mother-in-law a personalized gift, like a robe, on your wedding day is thoughtful. It’s a great way to show them how much you appreciate them being present on your big day!

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